15 May 2015


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1 week here 52/1              11 week here 52/11
2 week here 52/2              12 week here 52/12                   
3 week here 52/3              13 week here 52/13
4 week here 52/4              14 week here 52/14
5 week here 52/5              15 week here 52/15
6 week here 52/6              16 week here 52/16
7 week here 52/7              17 week here 52/17
8 week here 52/8              18 week here 52/18
9 week here 52/9
10 week here 52/10

The whole year has got 52 weeks. Each Saturday of the year we will present pictures of our kids taken in that week. This can be one photo or a whole bundle of photos. At the end of the year we should have a nice gallery of how our Little Ones have changed during a year. A lovelly combination of pictures that will be a great memory. To join the project just simply add a link to your post at the bottom of each Saturday post either on Be Creative Mommy or My Little Madness UK, or both. Remember to place a button from chosen blog, or both in your post. Leave a comment, check others Kids In Pics shoots. And that's it :)

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#kidsinpics 52/2 Join to us on Instagram and have a fun - 52 weeks photography projekt, every Saturday one pic your kids. Just follow @art.j.p.g and @aniajm -tag pic #kidsinpics.

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13 May 2015

How To Make A Toilet Paper Roll Train

My kid love trains, if your kids love too,or just love crafts it's a great activity for theirs. they will have a lot of fun creating this toilet paper roll train.

What will we need?

  • Toilet Paper Roll Tubes
  • Craft Paint
  • Yarn
  • Hole Punch or Something to Make a Hole in the Cardboard Tube
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Scissors
  • Tape 

How to Make a Train

  1. Paint your cardboard tubes various bright colors. Cut shapes out of one of the tubes to create both the top of the engine and caboose.
  2. Cut as many wheels as you need.
  3. Punch small holes of each tube. These are your attachment points for the yarn. Next cut the yarn to length.
  4. Combine all carriages and start playing.

This train is made up of recycled materials, which makes it an inexpensive craft idea. In addition, my son loves doing this.

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