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29 July 2014

Love Bike - Hand Carved Rubber Stamp

The fact that I love to ride a bike some of you know. I do not ride a bike professionally, but sometimes I like to go for a long bike trip, or I draw it or  make it linocut showing a bike. Ideas for this stamp I have many, for now I'm trying. 

27 July 2014

How to Make a Fabric Memo Board.

This memo board project has been sitting on my “to do” list for long time and I'm so happy to finally be able to check it off my list!
Although I needed a much larger memo board, but I liked the small one. The other memo boards I used in the bathroom as a decoration.

What will we need ?
Fabric a few inches larger than the styrofoam
Hot glue
1#  Cut the fabric to be about 2 inches larger than styrofoam all around.
2#  Set the styrofoam face down on the centre of fabric and tack to the back of the styrofoam.
3#  Fold over the corners like you are wrapping a present, and then tack into place

* Watch out for the hot glue when I was doing my memo board  I scalded my leg {hurt and does not look good}

I used my memo board as decor in my bathroom. I pinned pictures there.
Do you like it?

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