22 March 2015

MY SUNDAY PHOTO - the beautiful sky

Thank you for the comments last time, and I'm sorry I didn't reply. Days to the planned birth is only 8 and I can not focus on other things. But as I didn't take pictures of the beautiful sky ! - this is not possible.


20 March 2015


1 week here 52/1
2 week here 52/2
3 week here 52/3
4 week here 52/4
5 week here 52/5
6 week here 52/6
7 week here 52/7
8 week here 52/8
9 week here 52/9
10 week here 52/10

The whole year has got 52 weeks. Each Saturday of the year we will present pictures of our kids taken in that week. This can be one photo or a whole bundle of photos. At the end of the year we should have a nice gallery of how our Little Ones have changed during a year. A lovelly combination of pictures that will be a great memory. To join the project just simply add a link to your post at the bottom of each Saturday post either on Be Creative Mommy or My Little Madness UK, or both. Remember to place a button from chosen blog, or both in your post. Leave a comment, check others Kids In Pics shoots. And that's it :)

On Instagram
#kidsinpics 52/2 Join to us on Instagram and have a fun - 52 weeks photography projekt, every Saturday one pic your kids. Just follow @art.j.p.g and @aniajm -tag pic #kidsinpics.

It would be great if you would follow us in in some way.


15 March 2015

MY SUNDAY PHOTO - Happy Mother's Day

My son made me a card in nursery and he sang a song about mum. When I asked him who is on picture, he said "mum". I was so proud from him. After that , dad's Kai came back from work, I said that he showed dad like he drew mum. He said that it wasn't mum but it was dad. What a surprise?! Happy Mother's Day.

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